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Jan25 snap of the front page




I’m working on an ecommerce site for a nursery in Grand Forks. It has been quite a challenge so far, going through all the spaghetti code and determining what everything is meant to do. Scoping out the project has been, both fun and aggravating. Should I use a framework? should I write it all myself? Should I use a different language? It is enough to set a persons head to spinning.

The choices so far…

  • PHP with mysql.
  • Procedural over OO
  • custom over framework

I am under a time crunch now, and hope to have this whole thing done in the next month. I know… famous last words! On the next iteration I want to use codeignitor, but so far my experiments with it have been failures. When I have more time to learn it I’ll revisit the framework.


That’s it for now, gotta do some work!!





Google+ and me…







I’ve recently started using Google+ and after a couple weeks, I’ve come to really like it.

So far I’m very impressed with the clean design of Google+, the other sites are too cluttered and trying too hard to get my attention. I appreciate being able to clarify my thinking and take my time to digest the stream rather than rush through as it scrolls past. This is further enhanced by judicious use of the circles.

Sharing pictures is a slam dunk, straight from my phone to picassa and bingo we are here. I can do the same with facebook, but google seems to do it a little faster (I didn’t measure, so just a feeling). I also like the ability to share or not as the images go up, for me that is the game changer.

I certainly hope that this gains the traction that it deserves unlike wave(too isolated) and buzz(too noisy).

ok that’s about it for now.


Another Telus phishing email.

There are a few phishing attempts out there that still make a person respond, just a little bit. My first reaction was to want to check my online banking to verify the payment. I then read the email again and as everyone should, I moused over the link and read the address that the update link led to. Obviously, it wasn’t Telus. Once again we should remind ourselves that these companies will NEVER send us a link and ask us to log in or uodate our info. If you want to verify that everything is ok, log in through the proper channel and/or call the contact phone number for the Company. They will not ask you for your personal details as they already know them.

Dear Telus Customer

We were unable to process your most recent payment. Did you recently change your Bank, Phone Number or Credit Card?

To ensure that your service is not interrupted, Please Update Your Billing Information Today by Clicking on the link below:

Update Billing Information Now! <- – I’ve deleted the link, but it definitely was not a link to Telus.

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